Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Childless In Malham

What a lovely day we've had. Tomorrow will be my birthday so today Ang and I have had a day to remember made possible by Mum and Dad who sorted an amazing place to stay and are looking after (spoiling rotten) Beth and Tom.

Having dropped off our two little lovelies, Ang and I headed out to Skipton for a sausage sandwich and some retail therapy. I'm really glad of the retail therapy as I hadn't the right sort of socks or gloves for the weather. It was on the way to Skipton that we found ourselves climbing Blubberhouse Pass while the snow was falling. Not always a good idea.
Snow on Blubberhouse Pass wasn't a sign that the weather would be for us. 
Then it was on to Malham to stretch the old legs. It's been years since either of us have done it so the standard walk was the one for us (especially as I don't seem to have a map of the area anymore and have forgotten way to much about navigating to go off the main paths while there's a weather warning in place). Suitably attired in welly boots, great big socks and raincoats we bravely followed the rest of the masses playing the who's in the least suitable footwear game, the winner of which was wearing Converse style pumps. I know Dad will say that wearing wellies, I should qualify but I'm glad I left the walking boots in the car as I have no gaiters and there was some serious mud on offer.
Underground river emerges at the foot of once awesome waterfall in Malham  Cove.  Wellies required to get this shot. 

The route took up up to the cove where we stopped to take pictures (by which I mean 'put off the inevitable'). Then it was up the steps. I'm really not as young as I was or at least, not as fit as I was. By the time we reached the limestone pavement atop Malham Cove I was a wreck. Not Ang though. She flew up the steps. Fortunately I got my own back immediately as I'm reasonably sure footed while Ang is about as sure footed as the five minute old Bambi. I'm not sure she appreciated me telling her that Tom could probably cross the stone faster than she could. Ah well, never mind. We got there in the end.
Really thought these steps would kill me. I'm so unfit. 

Limestone Pavement is amazing but Ang didn't seem to like it much. 
From the top of the cove we took the easy route to the bottom of Gordale Scar rather than the route that comes through it. I'm pretty sure Ang would not thank me for the scramble coming down the scar it's self. The tea van at the bridge in Gordale is now a trailer and they do a mean bacon butty. I'm going to have to add it to possible ride out destinations for the future because that was the best bacon sandwich I've had in, um, years.
Angie at Janet's Foss
Finally back to Malham via Janet's Foss to the Old Barn tea room for tea and scones. Lovely.

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