Sunday, 15 January 2012

Keeping It Short and Failing

Tonight, I need to get sleep. However, I have an urge to write so I will blog. I will do so quickly and try not to waste my time or anyone else's. A picture, I've heard, is as good as a thousand words so I've been taking some today.

Once again, I headed off to Fountains Abbey with Beth and Tom. Ang was between night shifts again so I needed to keep them out of the way. The National Trust surely have a good set up there and I particularly like the roast pork. It's well worth the money and is reasonably pricey. Unfortunately they had to close the playground due to the possibility of someone slipping on ice, or more likely, the possibility of someone suing them after being stupid enough to slip on ice. 

Needing somewhere else to go afterwards, we went to see Kev. Tom rather enjoyed reorganising the DVD collection. Meanwhile, Beth, Kev and I watched something about Alabama Shrimp boats. You can always count on Kev to find something with true educational value. No doubt he had terabytes of the stuff ready to go when Beth decided she wanted to go to the Castle. As we strolled, Tom babbled and smiled at passers by, his sister looked for new precipices to plummet from and we talked Go Pro Hero. 

Kev suggested I consider using the camera and the time lapse function over several months as a sort of project. It's not something I've tried before but I guess if a picture tells a thousand words then one taken every 30 seconds or would tell a whole bunch. 

Back at home, with the kids in bed and some hugely important school work to put off, I decided to have a go. Thankfully, I figured out how the set our Ixus 80 IS up for time lapse quickly and got on with the work that needed doing. 

Following that, in order to avoid other work that needs doing just as much, I decided to try out Windows Live Movie Maker. I've been using the older version up to now but it seems to hang a lot. Unfortunately, I'm not impressed by the newer version with it's lack of functionality and annoying tabbed menu (ala Office 2010). As a result, I may consider looking at Premier Elements or something similar. 

Too many words and I need to get sleep. Here are several pictures. 

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