Friday, 30 December 2011

Dreaming my Dreams and Fountains Abbey

For whatever reason, Beth had me up at 0520 yesterday and in doing so interrupted a rather strange dream. Some nice blueberry and maple Wensleydale the night before had taken me on dreamy, vivid and very frustrating journey.

In reality, my mate Jamie teaches a Year 5 class. In my dream, he was planning a residential. As it was a motorcycle trip (for 9 and 10 year olds) through Senegal, he naturally felt the need to invite me to involve me. When the time came to head to the airport, I couldn't find the keys to my pick-up truck (it was a red Chevrolet). After a succession of rides on wrong buses I wound up in Bradford train station having missed the plane. When Beth woke me from my frustration, a taxi driver called Ahmed was about to give me a price for a taxi ride to Senegal. Not only was I out of bed long before time but I didn't even get to ride through Africa. Ah well.

Later on, we had to get out of the house and strolling the grounds of Fountains Abbey near Ripon. Kaf hadn't managed to make it as planned which was a shame and we needed to get the children out of the house. I'd forgotten about much of what they have there and it proved an excellent day out. In all we spent three hours exploring, drinking tea, eating lunch taking pictures and filming.
On arrival, as they do, the man tried to get us to buy membership. I turned it down as we've been here before. Every time Ang and I have had National Trust membership we haven't used it again making it a complete waste of money. By the end of a superb visit I was thinking that it would be a good idea and promising to return with and without the children more often. Here's hoping I make good on that promise or that will be another £60ish wasted, perhaps tomorrow when Ang is sleeping off a night shift.

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