Sunday, 4 December 2011

An Adventure

Ang went to work today. She's on her way home as I type. For now however, I'm a lone parent who's kids are safely tucked in bed and therefore has time to consume more mulled wine and do something almost certainly pointless.

Today saw Tom, Beth and I go on an 'Adventure.' It started with a trip to Stefano's Cafe Rosso, home of the friendliest cup of coffee in Harrogate. It's also the best coffee, as long as Stefano himself makes it. On this occasion the man had also managed to recover Beth's hat from the middle of the road where it had been lost the previous day. Interestingly, moments after the hat was lost I took a picture of the cafe for this very blog. On inspecting the picture last night, we noticed a hat in the middle of the road. Beth saw it as well and was so upset she cried for a good hour (She was tired as well but that's just silly).
The adventure carried on with a ride on the double decker bus to Leeds. The 36 is an amazing service with leather seats and a 2-1 seating configuration whic must cost serious money to provide and prove a problem at peak times. More surprisingly there is WIFI on board. As it turned out, there was no internet connection associated with the WIFI but if there was I'm sure it would have been nice. As it was, I was forced to tweet via my own mobile web.

Though the ride on a decker was the headline act of the day for Beth, she mainly slept. As in fact did Tom.
I on the other hand was looking forward to the German market. It's a favourite of mine, complete with bratwurst and pretzels. The food wasn't such a hit with the little ones who only went for the bread rolls. Millennium square wasn't a complete let down for Beth who loved going for a ride on a hog.
 After the joys of the German market it was time to visit Ang and steal the car so we could drive to Ilkley. I've been trying to keep school out of my blog in order to improve the poor balance in the blog wordle (see yesterday). Today was the Christmas fair so I took my family along. Tom really enjoyed going through my draws while Beth made Christmas decorations and had her face painted.
And that's it. Actually, that obviously isn't it and there's much more to it but I suspect by now I've bored any potential readers mainly to death and besides, Ang is home now so I should probably pay her some attention.

Good Night.

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