Thursday, 9 August 2012

Buttertubs Pass On A YBR125

I haven't yet written about the biggest rideout since U-Ride2012. When I do, it will no doubt include at lease some small mention of my first ride up Buttertubs pass. This gist is that it wasn't what it could have been. I wanted to do it again and got the opportunity earlier than expected thanks to a very lovely wife I happen to have. 

I did it on Angie's YBR125 for a couple of reasons. One big one is that the rear tyre is getting very low on my V-Strom. Another is that I quite like putting along on a littl'un. Finally, after hearing about my brother in law's epic ride from Lincoln to somewhere near Kingston on Thames (190 miles on his YBR125) I felt like putting a big ride in on one myself.

Unlike a lot of my rides, this one started with me knowing exactly where I was going. Having recently returned from a 900 mile jaunt fully loaded and carrying a pillion on the Wee, it was a real joy riding the tiny little bike. It steers so easily in comparison. Actually, you pretty much just think a direction and off it goes. The brakes on the other hand, take a lot of getting used to after the Suzuki. But my chosen route was just 115 miles of superb riding and beautiful Yorkshire countryside, perfect for the little learner machine. 

Part of the beauty of the bike was that it is so easy to handle. You're never having to heave it about, on or off it. On my way up the pass I hopping on and off like it was an old London Bus. There are a great many reasons to stop on the pass; the stunning views over the dales, the butter tubs themselves and even just to contemplate the winding road ahead. When you are riding it, unless you want to rag the nuts off the poor thing, it takes you up and down the pass at a very sedated pace, perfect for just passing gently through, enjoying the cool air and long views. 

There is another road up there that is worth a look in. I took the pass north then rode to Reeth and took another high road back south to Askrigg. It's a much less used single track road. Not as high but very quiet and windy. It's not for the feint of heart but I imagine that probably keeps it quiet. 

The only thing that wasn't much good was the Samsung Galaxy S I decided to trial instead of my usual HTC Wildfire S. On paper the Samsung kicks the backside of the HTC but when it comes to getting a mobile  signal and picking up GPS sats, the HTC win hands down. Good thing I had a map in the box and a very good idea of where I was going really. 

Anyway. It was a good day and I would recommend this route to anyone. 

Buttertubs Pass Rideout (Sorry, you will need to zoom out a bit to see the whole route). 

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