Saturday, 28 July 2012

Getting Ready to Wander North

I'm so excited. It's almost time for us to go touring on the new bike. I've not blogged for ages because I have a job and children and, well, a new bike. Gone is the YBR250. In it's place is a Suzuki DL650 V-Strom. We wanted something we could tour on and ended with the 'Wee,' now known within the family as 'Wee Hamish' (despite it's comparatively colossal size). 

Soon, it will finally be used in earnest, doing what it was bought for. The plan was to recreate the first days of our honeymoon but on a bike. Then, we stayed in a lovely boutique hotel in Edinburgh before travelling up the A9 to Laggan to see the set of 'Monarch of the Glen.' This time we have less money and more time so we'll give the big city a miss and stick to reasonably priced accommodation. Camping or Glamping were considered but they aren't that much cheaper, require a lot more kit and are less conducive to a great night's kip. The thing about staying in a bed and breakfast see, is that you get a bed and you get breakfast. This negates the need to carry a bed or purchase breakfast. 

So on day one we will spend the night in Peebles. I chose that one, if only for the name. I hear it's also nice and that's enough for Ang. The route up there is planned and highlighted on the map. It avoids big roads and is a full 188 miles. Sure it'll be a long day but boy it looks good. It traces a straight (read 'very curvy') line towards our destination taking in parks and forests but not a single metre of dual carriageway. It's the kind of route that has more farm shop tea rooms than Costa Coffees and that's just the way I like it. I figure we ride from early doors stopping for breakfast, lunch about Hadrian's wall with a brew somewhere in-between. Then afternoon tea and finally, fish and chips or similar in Peebles. We won't be able to use fuel as an excuse to stop because the Wee will do that comfortably on a tank so sampling tea up the spine of the British Isles will be our excuse to stop, take pictures and generally be.

View Driving directions to Peebles in a larger map
Now, that's enough blogging for now. The whole packing thing didn't go as expected and I need to get both of us plus tools and other essentials into a tank bag and a tail pack. It shouldn't be a problem as long as Ang doesn't need too many pairs of shoes. However, I want the bike prepped and writing about it won't get it done. 

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