Wednesday, 30 November 2011

On Strike and Working From Home

Oh what a day. I've been on strike today. I watched the news this morning and wasn't really surprised to see that we aren't exactly gaining ground with the general public. I hadn't realised the extent to which we are just child care to them. Not once were we considered irresponsible because we were neglecting children's education. Oh no, it was all about how people couldn't go to work. As it turns out, I'm just a child minder with an over inflated student debt to pay off. 

The other thing that surprised me today: the bins were emptied. I guess they weren't out on strike but it wasn't just teachers. Most of the public sector was affected. Not that anyone seemed to notice that on the news which seemed to me to be mainly complaining about all the irresponsible teachers. You know the ones. They are the 'morons'  who would like to earn a fair income and be permitted to retire before they keel over dead. 

On the plus side, I didn't spend the whole day angry. There really isn't any point so why bother. Ang and I got out with Tom after dropping Beth at the preschool (which had I not gone on strike I may never have seen so that's a kind of positive outcome). We enjoyed a McDonald's breakfast which I enjoyed with a one year old boy on my knee whom I don't see enough of. Secretly, thoughts of a career at said establishment did cross my mind as I enjoyed the king of hash browns. 

I also managed to get Christmas shopping done for all family members not in this year's Secret Santa. Well, that's not entirely true as there is one little girl left and I need to speak to her Dad as I think I have never successfully managed to buy her something she would want. This year will hopefully be different. 

Finally, going on strike allowed me to catch up with work. On a day which I am most certainly not earning a penny from my job, I have somehow been forced to spend about 3 hours doing it. Goodness knows where I found the time to write this. 

New career needed. Suggestions on a post card (or below) 

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