Saturday, 26 November 2011

Begin Blogging

I want to do blogging. I really do. I'm not sure why but there is this sort of wish to write. Unfortunately, I hardly ever get the chance to write anything much and worst, I haven't had the experiences I really want to write about. That's the truth of it. I'd love to write all about travelling the world on my bike and perhaps diving. I don't really get that chance.

So what could I write about I ask myself (and for some reason choose to write the thought in a blog as if I'm thinking in print)? Well, I'm not hugely different to so many other people. I have a family to take care of, a job to fund us and a bike to commute with. That's not to say that I in any way feel like anyone else. I'm a primary school teacher like so many others but I'm not sure that many of us come into the profession after a career as an armoured vehicle mechanic in the army. I use my bike for commuting as do many others though I seem to be one of very few who chooses to run 250s and 125s. Although I'm just another Joe, living the dream, I do at least feel fairly unique.

This blog could probably go in a few directions and it's probably best not to speculate. I'll just have to see. The real question will be whether or not anyone will take the time to look at it. We shall see. Can't promise it won't be full of complaints about how hard life is. If I was going to make that promise, I would probably be about to break it as I now fully intend to post this post and then get on and write one all about my week, which was pants. Really pants.

Note: I had promised myself I would practice what I preach in terms of writing (which obviously I am required to teach) but I have now already used the word 'pants' and I wouldn't let a nine year old write that. Clearly standards are slipping. Oh dear.

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