Sunday, 9 November 2014

I Need Help Naming a Blog

It's getting a little wintry here in Yorkshire but as usual, I'm not storing my bike. Like a few of us, I'm washing it more regularly, applying thick coats of chain lube pretty much daily and a good all over spray with corrosion inhibitor weekly (and after wet rides). Other than that, it's pretty much business as usual for me and the Wee. Not so for our little YBR125.

If all goes well, the YBR's time is coming to an end. Most recently, Ang has been riding it off to the training ground and swopping it for a Hornet (which she hates) and learning the finer points of passing the unrestricted motorcycle test here in the UK. She has suddenly grabbed the motorcycling ball and is making a solid run for the line. As such, she wants to start a new joint Moto Blog and I'd be really glad to be part of that. In fact, I'd even pretty much shut this down.

The only reason I haven't set it up yet is simple. WHAT SHALL WE CALL IT? Ang suggested 'Two Up' but as that's what she's working to leave behind, it seemed the wrong name. So I'm after suggestions for a name for a moto blog which is about:
a husband and wife:

  • He's a teacher who loves riding alone or with anyone and commutes all year.
  • She's a Nurse who rides a 125 all year and is trying to get a full licence.
  • Who have two young children, a mortgage and stuff.

A little side question is whether I should move us over to wordpress or stay on blogger?

All thoughts hugely appreciated. Please tweet or comment. PLEASE!

PS I don't like the name of this blog. It says nothing about it and probably puts some people off. I was in a difficult place when I started it and did't think it through. I'd like to not make that mistake again.

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