Sunday, 6 May 2012

I realised that I've never actually posted the video I made of your trip on here before which seems somewhat remiss (first time I've ever used that word before. Hope I got it right). Anyway, here it is. It was filmed with a GoPro Hero2 and edited the whole thing together with Windows Live Movie Maker.

There is a combination of rear facing tank mounted and helmet mounted. The footage shot from the tank was a long shot but I'm glad I did it as it's the only stuff with worthy sound. Also, it's kinda cool, if a little fun of me.

The rest is OK and has some good roads. They weren't the best roads though. We turned out to be great at not using the camera every time we found amazing roads and then getting it out just as they got slightly sub-amazing (but still worth filming). Also, the helmet mount isn't the most dramatic view you can get. Since then, I've experimented with mounting low which makes the view more exciting but too late for this video.

I found out something when I uploaded this to YouTube that was a pleasant surprise. Thanks to the GoPro Hero2 not living up to it's claims of perfect sound with all exhaust note and no wind noise, the dominant sound of howling wind needed to be replaced with something. I went with two tracks from Zac Brown band. Didn't really think about the copyright issues as I hadn't really considered that I was uploading it to the Web. When I did, YouTube sent me a lovely email explaining that they had detected the music but not to worry, my account wasn't suspended. However, people viewing my video may have to watch an advert. Seems everyone's a winner. I get to use my choice of tunes in my video and the owner gets paid.

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